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1   Link   Thank God It's Monday (Greene)
2   Link   Work in the Spirit: Toward a Theology of Work (Volf)
3   Link   The Heavenly Good of Earthly Work (Cosden)
4   Link   A Theology of Work: Work and the New Creation (Cosden)
( Given that so much of our contemporary lives are spent working and that so many major decisions and issues in life revolve around our work. A Theology of Work: Work and the New Creation makes work itself the subject of theological enquiry. From within Christian doctrine, it asks the pressing questions ‘what is work and work’s place in God’s economy and thus, how should we be carrying out our work?
5   Link   Help, het is weer maandag! (de Pender)
Ben je christen en ervaar je een kloof tussen het leven op het werk en het leven in de kerk? Vraag jij je ook af hoe het christen-zijn je nu eigenlijk helpt op het werk? In 'Help! Het is weer maandag! Laat Eddy de Pender zien dat deze kloof te overbruggen is.
6   Link   Business By The Book - Burkett Now readers can approach the new millennium by incorporating Burkett's tried and true advice into their business world with this updated edition of the best-selling classic containing some of the actual study material used in Burkett's worldwide seminars.